The following are my highlights & notes taken while reading the book ‘1% Success Habits: 10 Daily Habits to Crush Your Day‘ by Brandon Nankivell. I use a kindle while reading which makes it so easy to access all my highlights in place.

Habit 1: Make Your Bed

  • Make your bed every day for 30 days and watch your life change. Highlight

Habit 2: Move, Hydrate, Sunlight

  • “Your brain operates with 30% less acuity when you are dehydrated”. Since then I’ve always made a conscious effort of hydrating in the morning and throughout the day. Highlight

Habit 3: Read

  • Read a book for 20 minutes. It must be a book that either you are curious about or the subject matter is directly relevant to the goals you are currently working towards. Highlight
    (I would highly recommend this. If you find yourself interested, do check out my other article on how to 3X your reading speed in a week.)

Habit 5: Schedule Your Day

  • Schedule Your Day Highlight
  • “If it ain’t on your schedule, it ain’t happening” Highlight

Habit 7: Connect

  • Connect with someone smarter than you. Connect with someone smarter than you. Connect with someone smarter than you. Yes, I said that 3 times. I’d be in the fiery pits of anti-success if I hadn’t developed this habit. And it’s not an event, it’s a HABIT. Not only should you connect with people smarter than you, but you should also connect with those who have achieved the results you want to achieve. Highlight
  • Here’s a gold nugget for you: Nobody is busy. Not even Elon Musk. Their business has nothing to do with being busy. It’s about priorities. If they say no to your request for a cup of coffee, it’s not because they are busy. It’s because they have higher priorities. Highlight
  • To increase your chances of success of smarter people responding positively to you, it’s important to come from a place of non-neediness and value. Give them something. Highlight
  • Really need to start working on this. Messaging and connecting them via LinkedIn seems to the first option. Note
  • Connecting with smart people should be programmed into your subconscious. When you go to a seminar, a party, a social gathering, a bar… You should always be on the lookout for the highest value person in the room. Highlight

Habit 9: Dress For Success

  • How you dress totally matters. Why? Because people evaluate your worth and treat you based on your appearance. Highlight

BONUS Habit: Smile

  • Holy crap does smiling make a difference. Smiling makes you feel better. Highlight
  • Smiling also has you perceived as a more positive person with confidence and happy-feels. You’ll make more friends, close more deals, and see more success with people in your life when you start smiling more. Highlight

Tip 1: 66 Days

  • It takes approximately 66 days to develop a habit. Highlight

Tip 6: Be Held Accountable

  • For Android users, try HabitTracker. Add your habit, then tap and hold the circle every morning and admire your habit streak rising every day. Highlight
  • Starting this now. Starting with only 1 habit which is to read for at least 20 mins daily. Note

Tip 7. Never Miss 2 Days in a Row

  • If you miss 1 day of executing your habit, it reduces your odds of adopting the habit by 5%. But if you miss 2 days of executing your habit, it reduces your odds by 55%. 3 days and it’s 90%. Highlight