For an eternity, I was inspired by text-rich websites. The ones which had a purpose. A purpose which was genuine. One which was interesting enough to make the readers come back time and again. Fulfilling enough to not need images to make it stand out.

When I started writing this blog, I wrote a couple of posts with images. Images which took me over half an hour to find. I had to make sure that they were either copyright-free or that I had taken permission from their respective owners.

They did make the blog posts look fancy. But did they serve a purpose? No. They were just cover images. Images placed specifically to attract a user to click on a link.

So, I thought- why would I want to deceive you into clicking something? I mean, if you are here this means that you find my blog worthwhile. Then why not be honest with you. Why not provide you with just what you are here for. Text-only posts. Crisp and to the point. No BS.

Of course, there are other reasons too to make this a text only blog but the one I just mentioned is the main. Others which support my cause include:

  • Clutter-free environment
    Having images on a blog often distracts the readers. It competes for the user’s attention. Clutters up the page and often forces the reader to navigate painstakingly through the images to read the sentences. Thus slowing down the reader’s reading speed which is as bad as it could get. Therefore, with a text only blog, you can read it quickly in a novel like fashion.

  • Makes the blog lightening fast
    Over 95% of the loading time of a website is due to the images/videos on a webpage. By eliminating all of them, this text only blog is able to load at lightening fast speeds. You can go from one post to another in a flash and not waste time. After all, why would you want to look at images just for the sake of looking at them?

  • Helps to keep this blog uncopyrighted
    I started this blog to share with you whatever little I have learnt (and I am still learning) during my life. It was meant to benefit you. I don’t really care about being given credit for any of the works in here. It would mean much more if you can adopt just one useful habit from this or get inspired to do something good for someone. I have made this blog uncopyrighted. You are free to use, share, edit, and re-post anything from here to any medium in any form you like without the need to give credits. Of course, if I have images in this blog, it would get in the way since then you would need to take permission from their respective owners. But no worries, there aren’t any!

I hope you had a good time reading and as always, see you in the next post.