4 DOF Robotic Arm mounted on a Mobile Base

Built a remote-controlled manipulator on a differential drive base, capable of obstacle avoidance using onboard sensors and precise motion using feedback control. View code, circuit diagram, and Huffman table. See it in action.

Path Following & Object Avoidance Robot

Developed a path-following robot using an Arduino microcontroller. It employed a negative feedback control (P controller) using an accelerometer to minimize orientation errors and used an ultrasonic sensor for object detection. It was capable of following any...

Active Control of Structural Vibration Using Proof Mass Actuators

Designed an active damping system in Simulink (MATLAB) for high-rise buildings to limit vibrations. Stringent control design requirements were met using negative acceleration feedback control. Its effectiveness was also compared against a velocity feedback loop. View...

Webcam controlled Rover

The differential drive rover uses the input from a webcam and processes it to navigate through an arena. It also incorporates a forklift powered by a servo motor for manipulating objects. It is controlled using an Arduino Nano microcontroller and programmed using...

Whiteboard Drawing Robot

Controlled using Arduino, it can draw images captured from a webcam or uploaded to it on a whiteboard with two different markers. Makes use of image processing for converting images into line traces and PID control for DC motors. See it in action here.