Zain K.

Courses completed

July 16, 2021


  • Applied RoboticsUniversity of Dayton
  • 3D printing & PrototypingUniversity of Dayton
  • Robot Modeling & KinematicsUniversity of Dayton
  • Analytical DynamicsUniversity of Dayton
  • Automatic Control TheoryUniversity of Dayton
  • Modern Robotics, Robot KinematicsNorthwestern University, Coursera – (Certificate) (Course)


  • Supply Chain Management BasicsIHRDC– (Certificate) (Course)
  • [Webinar & Training] NETZSCH Pumps Applications & Solutions for Oil & Gas Upstream (Certificate)
  • Leaders and Work Life BalanceIHRDC– (Certificate) (Course)
  • [Training] Vibration Analysis Category-IIVibration Institute USA
  • Principles of Gas ProcessingIHRDC– (Certificate) (Course)
  • [Webinar] Transforming Design and Manufacturing with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ASME TEC Talks – (Certificate)


  • Modern Robotics, Foundations of Robot MotionNorthwestern University, Coursera – (Certificate) (Course)
  • Control of Mobile Robots Georgia Institute of Technology, Coursera – (In-Progress) (Course)
  • Robotics: Computational Motion PlanningUniversity of Pennsylvania, Coursera (Certificate) (Course)
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)IBM, Coursera – (Certificate) (Course)
  • Python Complete Bootcamp 2020 – 10 Guided projects – (Course)


  • [Certification] Machine Lubricant Analyst – ISO Equivalency: 18436-4, Category I, International Council for Machinery Lubrication ICML – (Certificate)
  • Natural Gas Compressors Training Version 2.0Ariel Corporation (Certificate) (Course)
  • Gears: Types and CharacteristicsIHRDC– (Certificate) (Course)
  • Lubricants and BearingsIHRDC– (Certificate) (Course)


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