Here’s what I’ve been up to

University of Dayton

  • Persuing a fully-funded M.S in mechanical engineering
  • Working as a graduate research assistant with Dr. Andrew Murray on projects involving kinematics of robots and mechanisms
  • Part of soft-robotics team at DIM Lab working on a wheelchair cushion design that makes use of soft robots to solve the bedsores problem for paraplegics

United Energy Pakistan Limited

I played a key role for 3+ years to streamline and optimize oil & gas surface facility operations and logistics.

Reckitt Benckiser

As an intern I optimized the manufacturing lineup and embellishment process through automation, resulting in savings of $30k/year.

Nixor College

As an TA for further mathematics & physics, I taught independent classes of 30+ students each with over seventy-percent achieving A grades.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Served as the Head of ‘Design Build & Fly Competition (DBFC)’- a nationwide event. Successfully organized the event by leading a team of 60+ individuals.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Member since 2019. I have been keeping up-to date with the industry advancements and have been regularly reading up on key journals articles and attending online seminars.

GIKI University – Alumni Association

Volunteering as point-of-contact to collect data, relay information and manage communities.

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