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The easiest way to be successful in life

November 22, 2022

Disclaimer: This is just an over-the-top summary of the book ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear. If you have time and access to the book, you should skip reading this blog post and read the book instead. That will do you wonders. If for some reason you can’t, then you may continue. Habits are what make us who we are. The only difference between those who have been successful in life and those who haven’t been are the habits they have. …

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Should we value a person’s worth based on where they work?

October 19, 2022

A few days ago, I was invited to a fundraiser event in Ohio. The event was lavish by all standards- highly decorated salads with the serving size kept to a little less than what I would consume at home. Each person was assigned a table prior to the event and you were gently guided to it once you arrived. You were handed over a well-designed paper listing the order in which the events of the night would unfold. It was …

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Why am I focusing on increasing my typing speed as a student?

September 2, 2022

If you are a student like me, you know the drill. Wake up, attend lectures, do tons of assignments, focus on research, come back home to find yourself occupied with homework, and then the cycle repeats. It often is a blessing to find a few hours free, let alone an entire day. With such a routine, why am I focusing on increasing my typing speed rather than relaxing or rather focusing on the other skills I can improve on? Here’s …

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The fear of not growing with time

July 5, 2022

This will be a short, single-write blog (in one sitting without re-reading to check for corrections). The reason? I don’t want to alter and modify things that might not make a ‘good impression’ on you. I always have this innate ideology that as long as I live, I should continue learning new stuff. Things to make me grow as a human. Things that will make achieve these three things in life- happiness, health, and wealth. In order to achieve this, …

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Paralysis by Analysis. Don’t fall into the death trap

May 7, 2022

Being able to figure out how much time to dedicate to decision-making is a key skill in life. Often, at work, we are given deadlines that have to be met, and that puts us in an ‘easy’ position. For other areas of life, we don’t have the time-constraint privilege making it easy to fall into the never-ending analysis loop which puts us into paralysis on the action part. Why do we fall into Paralysis by Analysis? We, humans, are relative …

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