Mohammad Zainullah Khan

My full name is (unusually) long, so I prefer to be called Zain. Just throwing it out there before we begin.

I am a mechanical engineer from 📍 Pakistan, now living in Dayton, Ohio. I am currently doing a fully-funded Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Dayton.

I am also working as a graduate research assistant with Dr. Andrew Murray at the Design of Innovative Machines Lab (DIMLab). The projects that I am currently working on are in the domain of kinematics of multi-robots & mechanisms.

Recently, I have undertaken the initiative to help aspiring engineers. I have started teaching engineering subjects & programming languages in bite-sized, easily digestible (read: understandable) videos. Here’s my youtube channel- Engineering Simplified.

Previously, I had played my small part in powering the world before I became obsessed with the world of robotics. An alumnus of GIK University.

Intrigued by design, automation, self-help books, sufi devotional music, armchair philosophy, fabulous food, and even better conversations. When not involved in the above, I write.

Connect with me via LinkedIn or write me an email to mohammad [dot] zainullah [dot] khan [at]

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